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By informing you about the way in which we manage cookies, we comply with the law of July 10, 2012 relating to various provisions in terms of electronic communications (cited as the Telecom law) and transposing European Directive n ° 2009/136 / CE of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 25 November 2009, regarding the new constraints and obligations of publishers and owners of websites on the information to be provided to visitors.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file which records information on the behavior of the visitor to a website and, although generated by the computer server of the visited site, it is automatically saved on the hard drive of the computer, smartphone or visitor's tablet.

There are two types of cookies: temporary and permanent. The temporary cookie which is deleted as soon as the internet browser is closed. The permanent cookie is stored on the hard drive of the connected computer.

How do I change the cookie settings?

To modify the cookie settings, you must go through the settings of the internet browser. Here are the links to resources for the major internet browsers:

  • Google Chrome :
  • Internet Explorer :
  • Mozilla Firefox :
  • Safari : (english)

What cookies are used by this site?

To improve the user experience of our website, we use three types of cookies: session, preference and analytical.

  • Session cookies : they are used to store information about sessions. Internet pages have no memory. These cookies allow website owners to track the movement of users visiting the site from one page to another to avoid asking them for the same information they have already given to the site. They are deleted when the browser is closed.
  • Preferences cookies : when you visit a website, these cookies are used to store information on the type of browser used and the additional browser software installed. They also store the preferences selected during the personalization of the website if the latter so provides, for example the location, the language or the preferred fonts. These preferences are stored by means of persistent cookies, and the visitor will not have to define his preferences each time he visits the site.
  • Analytical cookies : These help us learn more about the visitor's interaction with our content so that we can improve the presentation of our sites. They collect information about how visitors use our site, where the user came from, how many times each user has visited and how long a user has visited the site.

Are there any personal data transmitted such as name, address, e-mail address, ...? No. This information only records technical data and data on how we visit our website.

What about respect for private life?

The cookies used on this site do not identify individuals. They do not contain any personal data and cannot in any case associate technical data with an individual identified by his name and / or first name.

You will find below a list of the main cookies used by this site and what they are used for :


Cookie name

What we do with it


This cookie is created and read by the social sharing site AddThis to view the number of "shares". No data from the cookie is sent to AddThis.


This cookie is associated with the social sharing widget AddThis, which serves a similar purpose to other cookies set by the service.


This cookie is a session cookie only used to manage the user's connection.

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